One Colour

At One Colour we celebrate and value the women and men who create our beautiful, timeless collections. We believe trading ethically creates opportunities and changes lives.

Although this year things are changing, and 2018 will bring even more change, One Colour is still committed to trading ethically. We will continue to do this through our work with the Kenana Knitters in Kenya - take a look at the (non retail) website Kenana Down Under for more information

With Esther (left) and Margaret at Viva Africa 2014

With Esther (left) and Margaret at Viva Africa 2014

Conscious Clothing

One Colour has been clothing women across Australia since 2007. The Brisbane based brand was founded by Di Stitt, who saw a need to make positive change, alleviate poverty and help the people of Kenya.

One Colour was born with a desire to empower and strengthen garment workers and their families.

One Colour Connects People

One Colour is about connecting people, working together to create quality products that inspire those who wear our clothes and uplift those who make them. These connections are built on respect, ethical trade and a desire to establish long term employment in Africa.

We collaborate with skilled producers in Africa and designers and illustrators within Australia. Each collection is created through a meeting of creative minds. We then journey to Africa to produce the range. It's a team effort!

We also work with the talented women from Kenana Knitters, who live in rural Kenya. One Colour is the proud Australian & New Zealand distributor of their range of hand knitted toys. Our new site, Kenana Down Under, will be launching soon.

Making a connection for you, the customer, with the artisan and the products they make, can result in compassionate, thoughtful purchasing.

Style & Quality

At One Colour we appreciate the importance of comfort and style. Over the past years we have refined our garments to ensure real women can wear our pieces with confidence and ease. Each One Colour garment has been tailored to suit multiple situations taking you from work, to evening. Simplicity, quality and elegance, minimal styling with unique little details, gives value to our clothes and to the wearer every day.

Viva Africa tailor

Viva Africa tailor

The knowledge that extreme poverty is still experienced by well over 1 billion people, leaves me with no choice but to act. One Colour is how I choose to do that. Our ability to create change in the world starts with a belief that it’s possible and then to find a way to do it. One Colour is me finding that way.
— Di Stitt

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Di Stitt grew up in Sydney working in corporate private enterprise as a PA for 10 years. In 1993 she moved to the Hunter Valley to raise her family and in 2006 she moved to Brisbane, where she happily calls home.

After visiting South Africa in 2007 Di made her first trip to Kenya in 2008.

Africa is a beautiful, ancient continent teaming with life and opportunity. One of the most motivating aspects of One Colour is that each year I meet with my inspirational African partners. Their example compels and inspires me.’

The knowledge that extreme poverty is still experienced by well over 1 billion people, and the conversely extreme good fortune of life in Australia, left Di with no option but to act. And indeed, for the past 7 years she has supported much needed work and stability to many families in Kenya.