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One Colour partners with respected individuals, businesses and organisations in Kenya, Africa, and now in Australia

Viva Africa - Nakuru, Kenya

In 2008 we first visited Nakuru for the first time, to meet with Viva Africa.  Employing around 28 people, they operated out of one room in the parent factory.  In those early days Viva Africa was instrumental in giving training and employment to those who were living in disadvantaged situations.  

Witnessing this first hand, in 2008 we met Stella, who has been involved in the early start up of the sewing and beading projects at Viva Africa.  Over the next few years Stella has had her particular talents acknowledged and recognised and she is involved in production, liaising with One Colour. Esther (pictured in yellow) has been with Viva Africa for several years, too. She is the floor manager, ensuring sampling and then production is carried out in the best possible way.

Today, Viva Africa employs around 280 people in garment production, beading and kikoy stitching and fringing.

I visit Kenya every two years and am inspired and uplifted by the women and men whose skilled hands make such lovely products for One Colour.
— Di Stitt
Esther (in yellow) at Viva Africa, 2014

Esther (in yellow) at Viva Africa, 2014

Kenana Knitter spinner with her baby daughter, 2014

Kenana Knitter spinner with her baby daughter, 2014

Kenana Knitters – Njoro, Kenya

Kenana Knitters was founded on the premise that it’s possible to change lives stitch by stitch. The organisation hopes to share the stories of rural Kenyan women through their unique, hand-knitted creations. It’s our privilege to be building a strong distributorship within Australia for the women of Kenana Knitters.

One Colour is the distributor for the Kenana Knitters in Australia & New Zealand. For enquiries about their products please email You can visit the Kenana Down Under website to view the beautiful gift items the Kenana Knitters make.

For stockists of the Kenana Knitter range please visit:

Kenana Down Under


Helping Hands - Naivasha, Kenya

Helping Hands is a Christian charity located in Naivasha, Kenya. Their vision is to be an inclusive centre and to empower local people, particularly those with disabilities, through education and training.

All their products are produced in Kenya by Kenyans, with Kenyan resources. Helping Hands focuses on hand made and as much as possible they use local raw materials. The cotton used to make the hand loom scarves comes from Mombassa and is dyed in Kenya. 

One Colour has been purchasing Helping Hands' beautiful hand loom scarves since 2014. It is a pleasure to share their stunning creations with you.

Amani ya Juu - Nairobi, Kenya

Their name, Amani ya Juu, is a Swahili saying which means "Peace from Above". They are a social, economic enterprise committed to peace and reconciliation for women from many African nations and cultures. They use beautiful African materials to create high quality fair trade home goods and accessories. Through their faith in God, they seek to heal from the past. Together they believe they will grow in dignity and respect for one another.

Mikono Knits - Nairobi, Kenya

Mikono is the Swahili word for "hands". The name of the company - Mikono Knits - therefore means handmade knitwear. 

Mikono Knits started in December 2005 as an initiative to help Kenyan women earn an income from a skill that is commonly learned in childhood but seldom used commercially - knitting. The company has eight regular hand-knitters and two experienced machine-knitters. 

The business seeks to combine commercial objectives with a commitment to bettering the welfare of its knitters as well as protecting the environment. 

The Mikono Knits' ladies, 2014

The Mikono Knits' ladies, 2014

With Sammy (far right) and his team, 2014

With Sammy (far right) and his team, 2014

The Semat Collection - Nairobi, Kenya

The Semat Collection is an exciting range of hand crafted contemporary pieces by Maasai Artisan, Sammy Semat. Di met Sammy in June 2013.

Since then, Di and Sammy have established a working relationship, proving the truth that mutual respect and trust works well even at great distances. The simplicity and strength of Sammy’s designs in reclaimed brass, timber and glass, along with West African beads, horn and bone, give the wearer accessories of intrinsic beauty that will last a lifetime.

A select range of Sammy's pieces are on offer in our online store.






EcoBling - Noosa, Australia

EcoBling upcycles materials once destined for landfill to create gorgeous, fashionable and unique accessories. Their handcrafted pieces are 100% made in Australia with a whole lot of love. They plant a tree for every piece sold and partner with Indigenous Australian communities so they can share and celebrate the amazing culture and wisdom First Nation Australians have to offer through their IndigiBling range (IndigiBling not yet available with One Colour).

They also directly act to help vulnerable and disaster stricken areas in developing countries to strengthen and rebuild communities and livelihoods in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible way.

Laikipia Aloe - a product of Kenya

Laikipia Aloe is a dryland conservation enterprise instigated and developed by its director and manager, Maria Dodds, a passionate Aloe and succulent enthusiast. Maria has created a range of health giving bodycare products. The soaps (pictured here) are formulated from on-farm and community grown Aloe secundiflora, Aloe graminicola and a selection of the highest quality efficacy base oils and essential oils, sourced where possible within Africa.

A percentage of the profits from the sale of these products is invested in training community groups, and is supporting the enhancement of their micro-aloe enterprises with quality awareness and marketing. The impact is far reaching improvement in understanding and care for the environmental and socio-economic development within Laikipia and other parts of the Eastern Africa ASAL.

While in stock and as a thank you, we include a guest size soap with each online order.