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One Colour - an ethos

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It's helpful to revisit core values and reasons for doing things. I did just that last week when uploading EcoBling to the website. It gave me a chance to review what One Colour is and what One Colour offers. This is what we are on about. And even if it is idealistic, I actually don't care. If you aim for the stars you might just reach the moon! Feel free to share with me your ethos by emailing me at

One Colour is an idea in action. Our core mission is to provide on-going employment for our partners in Africa and to support like-minded businesses in Australia, where we live.

One Colour can be worn with purpose, can be owned or given with purpose - embracing the broken, the beautiful, the sustainable and the confronting in life. We want to see an end to extreme poverty, we want to be part of the solution. This is our way of seeing it happen.

The above pic is from a while ago, beautifully captured by Tangible Media. For those interested, Tangible Media takes all our Kenana Down Under photos -