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The Slow Down

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So here's the Big Picture

It's been an amazing journey. Thank you for your company.

However, since 2014 One Colour has had no new clothing designs and I am now focusing fully on the distribution of the Kenana Knitter critters. The other side of the story is, for a small enterprise like mine, it’s too costly. And honestly, I can do a better job at supporting employment for our Kenyan partners as the Kenana Knitter distributor, supporting the Kenana Knitter women through the wholesaling of their hand knitted critters in Australia and New Zealand.

So, I am having a SLOWING DOWN SALE.

During the next three and a half months most One Colour clothing and accessories will beup to 50%'s a good chance for some massive savings if you want to wear, own or give One Colour one last time.

T-shirts prices will stay the same as they are already nicely reduced.

I have also added a small fee for postage ($5) as offering free shipping is not possible.

Please use your 10% discount code though!!  OCCHOICE53


From 15 September until 31 December you have the opportunity to purchase the last of our One Colour designs. After 31 December we will close the online shop and the One Colour brand will have a long, long break.

There is a touch of sadness in this, I can't deny. And as Kelly (wonderful friend and collaborator in all things digitally One Colour) has been putting together these last few newsletters with our lovely images, we reflected with nostalgia on the past 10 years, however I'm grateful that I have been able to pursue this path for so long, to see the fashion industry begin to change, to be part of the change, as you have been by supporting One Colour.

I will send a monthly newsletter up until December and then we shall see!


In 2018 the One Colour website will be refreshed and I will continue to journal my thoughts, any bits of news and other things that interest me. Expect a newsletter every so often when I feel there is something worth sharing.

I will continue to distribute in Australia & New Zealand for the Kenana Knitters under the One Colour name with the online presence via Kenana Down Under.

You are always welcome to contact me via the website or email -

You are all so very wonderful

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