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A Northern Exposure moment

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Just because this TV show (Northern Exposure) was made in the 1990s doesn't mean it's not a sound action to repeat watch it nearly 20 years later.

In 1990, when the show's harmonica theme song was first heard, I was living in Sydney. At that stage I think I managed to catch almost all the episodes between 1990-1993, then I moved to the Hunter Valley and, with the new living location and job, I didn't watch that many of the later episodes. By the time the show had its final series in 1995, I was married and pregnant, so definitely not in the zone for watching the series, although at that time I do remember watching quite a lot of Pride & Prejudice (the 1995 BBC production).

Northern Exposure still has a fascination for me, though. I love the quirky harmony of the imaginary town of Cicely, Alaska. The townsfolk, some of whom are so apparently opposed in lifestyle or belief, are still able to accept each other and live side by side. In that idyllic world there is little judgement, much respect and a wonderful fitting in with the rhythms of the seasons. The most recent episode I watched was "First Snow", all about the coming of winter, wishing each other "Bon Hiver", loading up on carbs to ward off the freezing temps to come and celebrating just what it takes to survive in such a remote location. I know life in Cicely it isn't real or even feasible but I still love the feeling I get when escaping for an hour or so into the lives of these characters.

So it seems good to begin my 2017 journal with a message straight from Northern Exposure. The message is spoken by Marilyn Whirlwind, one of the permanent characters on the show. I can't really say that the story Marilyn tells is based on truth (almost all internet references to this story are from the show), but it's a good story anyway.

Photo by AnsonLu/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by AnsonLu/iStock / Getty Images
The Eagle wasn’t always the Eagle. The Eagle, before he became the Eagle, was Yucatangee, the Talker.
Yucatangee talked and talked. It talked so much it heard only itself. Not the river, not the wind, not even the Wolf. The Raven came and said “The Wolf is hungry. If you stop talking, you’ll hear him. The wind too. And when you hear the wind, you’ll fly.”
So he stopped talking. And became its nature, the Eagle. The Eagle soared, and its flight said all it needed to say.

My take away from this is, if I hear my voice speaking I will know I'm not listening. And when I hear the wind and the river and the wolf (or birds, or laughter, or bees) I will know I am.

This year, and every year, I want the way I live to say all that needs saying, even if a few words leak out from time to time. By the way, these journal posts don't count as words or not listening, because I don't really know if anyone reads them!

Talented local artist/writer - Anna Yum - launching her first book and wearing One Colour!

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I was so thrilled when artist Anna Yum (of Studio Anna Yum) approached me to wear One Colour for a photo shoot to help launch her new children's book, "Everyday Superhero". Obvious answer when asked, YES! Anna looks fabulous in one of our early styles and I'm so thankful we could partner with her.

Anna is an artist, a self published first time author, and an amazing supporter of local business! In Anna's words:

My children's book is about finding ways that you can be a superhero in the everyday choices you make. We don't need special powers to have an amazing impact of those around us. And it was reading about your company that I felt that sense that what you are doing is not super-human, yet you have a great impact on those around you by linking the buyer with the maker. You're an Everyday Superhero.

Following is info on the launch of Anna's book and some lovely pics of her family, her art and the lady herself. We've linked most of the photos to either Anna's website or facebook page and encourage you to take a look and if you live in Brisbane, even get a long to one of the events Anna is hosting for the book launch.

Anna Yum

Anna Yum

Anna's art

Anna's art

Eagles, Magpies and power gliding

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Wings lifted in a victorious flight, gliding straight for the trees - a magpie has chased off a wedge-tailed eagle.

Yes, the magpie harried the eagle, darting and jabbing, urging it to move away from whatever it didn't want the eagle near (maybe a nest). How did a smaller bird dare to challenge another 5 times its size? But it did and I saw it.

The real air punch moment for me was watching the super power glide executed by the magpie as it flew back to the stand of trees.

Again, no pics of this moment but imagine the scene:  a magpie turning its back on one of the truly majestic yet deadly creatures of the natural world.

I couldn't help thinking that if something is that important then it's also worth the effort. And there's always the power glide.


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A long drive is a great opportunity to see stuff. Driving back from the trade fair in Melbourne I caught sight of a farmer on his tractor ploughing a field of red, dry soil. The field was flat and quite large and the dust rose up in a small cloud behind his tractor.

To me, the field looked empty, the ground too dry to produce anything green, but the farmer was preparing the land none the less.

On that long drive there was time to ponder: what thoughts do I have and what preparations do I make when times are dry; the in between times; the waiting times?

Ploughed Field by Vincent Van Gogh (1888)

Ploughed Field by Vincent Van Gogh (1888)