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What Do Your Eyes See?

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What do your eyes see?

This is Purity. She works at the Kenana Knitters in Kenya. I love her hair, her head band, the way she wears the colourful wrap in the chilly weather. Her beauty is so evident. But I think she is rather amused at having her photo taken, yet again.

Many of the women at Kenana Knitters have their photos taken repeatedly. People come to visit and want their own memory of the ladies, and so the ladies very kindly smile as they work to earn the living that will change their lives and the lives of their families.

I wonder how we would go if random strangers wandered through our work places and took photos of us as we worked so that they could show them to others and so talk about their experiences of visiting our place of work. I have immense respect for the patient forbearance of these wonderful, wonderful women.

T-shirt Sell Off - carport - 9 Holdway St, Kenmore, QLD.

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Our carport will host a T-shirt Sell Off on Saturday 4 March between 9am and 4pm. If you live in Brisbane and want to own a One Colour t-shirt made with African Cotton then visit us at 9 Holdway Street, Kenmore. We'd love to share our t-shirts with you.

A percentage of each sale will go towards funding an operation for our friend Milka in Kenya.

Blank or original artwork t-shirts are available.

Nice pics of Lote & Lukas by Jordy.

Coming soon - from the One Colour vault

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From the Vault! Over the coming weeks we will be adding some amazing One Colour African cotton t-shirts. A portion of the sale of these t-shirts will go towards helping fund much needed varicose vein surgery for one of the Kenana Knitter ladies in Kenya.

So if you, or your family or any of your friends need to stock up on fab t-shirts with unique designs, and you also want to contribute towards the cost of surgery, stay tuned...the t-shirts are coming!