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Do you speak crow?

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I have to work hard to enjoy crows. They are clever, noisy, wily. I have never seen a dead crow on the side of the road, yet. Over the years I have heard their distinctive cry in the Snowy Mountains high country and when I lived in country NSW and now, in Brisbane. So they are adaptable, too.  Maybe this characteristic is their brilliance.

A while back I had a chance meeting with a lady while walking in the morning. We both discovered our interest in local birds and compared notes on what birds we had observed, when and where. In the course of our chat she mentioned that she talked to the crows who visited her verandah. The mental image of someone speaking to a crow in crow speak...the sound...the shape of the mouth...perhaps the head started me thinking about my own attitude to crows and why I looked at them with disdain...too noisy....the sound grates...they move in a strange half hop/lope.

The truth dawned on me - I had decided that crows weren't worth speaking to. Kookaburras, magpies, lorikeets, coucal (cuckoo family but raise their own young), I found I was happy to speak to just about any other bird, but not the crow. And again, the wheels turned in my mind, who did I, in my own wisdom/view of the world, speak to and who didn't I speak to.

Crows aren't people but what this lady's comment did for me was to open me up to wondering - who is worth speaking to? Maybe I don't like how they say something, or what they sound like when they say it, rather than what they say? Does the sound get in the way of the content so I don't even bother to listen to, let alone speak to, the other.

I am still thinking on this.

Found this link on the Brisbane City Council Site, if you are interested to read further.

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