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Countering the (gone mad) positivity vibe

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Impossible to pass up, for me at least, was my recent purchase of "The book of Uninspiring Quotes to complement your empty shell of an existence" by Sunny Leunig.

When browsing through the books at Dymocks, this one caught my attention:

Imagination allows you to envisage the type of success you will never have.

I hope you don't think I am being particularly negative or flippant because I do draw great inspiration from wise words and uplifting quotes from influential or ordinary people past and present. It's just that the focus the wise quotes draw us to may actually be distracting us from the things we really should be paying attention to. I find that the really good quotes can even make us feel inadequate, shallow or past it. We then have to regroup, breath deeply and have another my case it's often about sticking to my plan to clean out the kitchen cupboards, or vacuum under the stairs where the dust and pet fur is 2 inches thick. If I did those things I am pretty darn sure I would feel as if I had really achieved something, rather than the usual state which is thinking about doing these good deeds but never actually making the time to do them.

Another that tickled my funny bone was:

Today is the day for Positive Change. Tomorrow is the day to default back to your inevitable disappointing self.

It's hard not to see the truth in this twisted sister of a quote. Good intentions abound. What's that other quote, not in the book; "We judge others by their actions and ourselves by our intent". Yes, we are past masters and mistresses at fooling ourselves into believing good psycho-babble, when it suits us. Well, I know I am.

And finally, to round out this journal with a truly inspirational, uninspiring quote:

The best things in life are sadly out of your financial reach. (cue two gorgeous people lying in the sun on a yacht that is floating on impossibly blue water)

The bitter truth of this little wordster is that we often chase after those things that others say we must have (via ads, family, facebook, instagram, even respected friends or mentors). The trick with it is, in my opinion, to be thankful, then get busy.

So, my motto for the year, at least for the next few weeks, if I'm really honest, is to "work less and do more". I want to be less bogged down with work/stuff/what could go wrong and be more into breathing right/looking up/smiling more/cleaning those cupboards and vacuuming under the stairs.

And, there are plenty more quotes to be found between the covers of "The Book of Uninspiring Quotes to complement your empty shell of an existence" by Sunny Leunig.