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Cake Crumbs

In My OpinionDi StittComment

It's a great realisation that flavour is more important than form.

Last year's Christmas cake lived up to flavour extraordinaire however the form was, well crumbly and a bit on the dry side, which no amount of brandy poured over the cake straight from the oven could hope to fix.

However, what this little baby lacked in looks it made up for in flavour; rich, nutty, sweet and impossibly delish when eaten with some natural yoghurt (helps keep the crumbs together on the spoon, too). A cup of tea goes nicely with this kind of cake adding much appreciated moisture to the mouth.

Yet it's wonderful that something so crumbly it would never survive leaving the cake tin can be totally delicious and satisfying.

Is this a mystery? Only if you are looking for perfection, or for people who will think you are an ace cook when you serve a platter of hold together, homemade Christmas cake.

Ok, there were things I could have done to mitigate some of the fall extra egg perhaps, to help bind the gluten free flour better...a fan forced oven (ours is very old, before fan forcing) so that the heat could swirl round to cook from all angles...5 or 10 minutes less (the cake did crack on the surface).

But, perfection aside, or even aiming for it, the proof of the pudding is in the eating...To fully test something you need to experience it yourself. Unless you trust the person telling you about it, in which case you just need to decide after they've given you their opinion if you believe them or not.

Or, you could just eat the cake and be done with it.