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Touch down, after 19 hours of flying and 2 stop overs. It's great to be back in the bustling, busy city of Nairobi.

Thinking we could avoid morning peak hour, Patrice (our go to man in Nairobi), Joy and I decided to have a coffee before heading to our accommodation. However, we misjudged the vagaries of traffic flow in Nairobi and were caught big time in several traffic snarls. At one point a pedestrian we passed in our car passed us about 500m further on as we were at a stand still. We never saw him again so can only assume he made it to his destination long before we did!

The hectic streets of Nairobi with street vendors who walk between the crawling cars or set up little stalls on the side of the road were negotiated patiently by Patrice and we arrived, 2 and half hours later into Amani Gardens Inn, our home away from home while in Nairobi. The place lives up to its name "Amani" meaning peace in Swahili. The gardens have been here for many years and the trees provide the most beautiful canopy and homes to several different birds.

Right now I can see the early sun finding its way through the shade of the trees and we are about to start our day with the most delicious breakfast of fresh fruit (yesterday was sweet tangy pineapple and slivers of juicy watermelon), coffee and I hope a repeat of yesterday's hot omelette cooked with tomato, cheese and green capsicum. The freshly prepared omelette is an African specialty!

Well, I'm in need of caffeine so will away to breakfast then our day unfolds with a visit to the AIM (African Inland Mission) office this morning and a wonderful afternoon at Hope House for Babies.

Until next time....

A view of the beautiful garden at Amani Gardens Inn

A view of the beautiful garden at Amani Gardens Inn