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Lovely to be back.

You will notice that not a lot has changed...except our pricing and that we are offering you an opportunity to pay for freight on your purchases, should you choose to further support our enterprise this way.

The decision to reduce the prices on our ranges is supported by the fact that we are no longer offering our garments for wholesale. We have also added beautiful woven throws and a very limited range of gorgeous pieces of handcrafted jewellery.

As for our core mission to see an end to extreme poverty by encouraging and supporting the sustainable economic empowerment of our producers, that will never change.

We welcome you as you browse the site, view our store and get in touch with us if you have any questions. Over the coming months we will gradually add new pieces and offer further information, hoping all the while that we can bring you closer to the people who make what you wear, what you use and what you give.

Thank you for your continued support of One Colour.

Woven throws using homespun Kenyan wool. Now on line.

Woven throws using homespun Kenyan wool. Now on line.