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Pride & Prejudice (1995 BBC production)

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You know that something's a winner when a family of men can sit down with you, even if for just one episode and watch with you, given that this particular series has been watched at least 10-15 times over the last 20 years.

Know what I'm talking about?

And, I have discovered (and now purchased) a copy of the re-mastered version of the 1995 BBC production. I thought, when I watched it the other week that the colours did look a bit faded, however, with the new improved version, the colours a superb. I am extremely grateful to those who did this restoring of a much loved story.

And I have an enduring love of fashion from the past...perhaps my love of fashion from the past is tinted with rose given so many people lived in poverty, however, I love the incredible fabrics and detailed needlework, the hours spent hand sewing to create truly exquisite garments, the wonderful male outfits, the layering, the skill. All inspire and confound me.

I've started collecting some of those images that inspire me on the One Colour Pinterest page "Wearing in the Past", if you want to take a look.

It's a wonder what human hands can create.