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Just about every day of the year millions of people go to a garment factory to make clothes for others. This Friday, 24 April, marks the second anniversary of the Rana Plaza building collapse and again, the fashion industry is put in the spotlight.

We love the fashion spotlight...bright, super cool gear worn by bright, super cool young things. But in the shadows, around the edges of the bright light, millions of bright, young women and men sit in front of sewing machines, pressing machines, dyeing machines, any kind of machine involved in the garment industry, so that others can look good. Their pay and work conditions are those that we would never accept for ourselves or our loved ones.

So, for those of us who spend time in the bright light...this Friday gives us the chance to use those selfies for a super cool cause.


#insideout #whomadeyourclothes is a call the action, positive action that harnesses the power of millions of wearers of clothing. It is asking us, for just one day (but hopefully for tomorrow and tomorrow), to remember that it's unacceptable that bright, young women and men can lose their lives to the garment industry.

It's time to take the spotlight off ourselves and shine it onto the beautiful, creative young people who stitch our clothes. And it's an opportunity to say thank you to them.


Will you wear your clothes #insideout this Friday? It won't change things overnight but doing nothing is not an option either.