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Taking a break

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Reflecting on taking a break from posting social media, answering emails, even running a small business...what does it really mean?

Renewed energy, desire to get into the fray again, feeling of a sharpening focus.

I received a beautiful  book from my husband this week "Long Life" by Mary Oliver. Let me leave a portion of her words with you, a piece of prose entitled "Flow"

We live, M and I, about ten feet from the water. When there is a storm and the wind pushes toward us from the southeast we live about a foot from the water. It sings all day long and all night as well, never the same music. Wind, temperature, where the tide is, how the moon is tugging or shoving - each of these makes a difference. The tide going out sounds harsher than the voice of its rising, what seems like a disinclination to leave growls in it, with the sound of dark, thick-stringed instruments. Coming in, it is more playful. Every day my early morning walk along the water grants me a second waking. My feet are nimble, now my ears wake, and give thanks for the ocean's song.

Part two of "Flow" is in the next journal post, as her work is too good not to share.