One Colour

Part 2 - "Flow" by Mary Oliver

One ColourComment

This enormity, this cauldron of changing greens and blues, is the great palace of the earth. Everything is in it - monsters, devils, jewels, swimming angels, soft-eyes mammals that unhesitatingly exchange looks with us as we stand on the shore; also, sunk with some ship or during off-loading, artifacts of past decades or centuries; also the outpourings of fire under water, the lava trails; and the kelp fields, coral shelves, and so many other secrets - the remembered and faithfully repeated recitations of the whales, the language of dolphins - and the multitude itself, the numbers and the kinds of shark, seal, worm, vegetations, and fish: cod, haddock, swordfish, hake, also the lavender sculpin, the chisel-mouth, the goldeye, the puffer, the tripletail, the star-gazing minnow. How can we not know that, already, we live in paradise?