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My life as a pond and I throw the pebbles

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Hello again.

With time away comes perspective, at least that's my hope. Having time on holidays with family has certainly helped me anyway. Each time I was tempted to use this space to plan or to think about planning for 2015 I found that either I didn't want to or I consciously decided not to. At the end of it, when Jeff asked me "did the two weeks go slowly or fast?" I could respond with..."not fast, not slow, just right". It's not that we had the perfect holiday (although it was amazing) or that I am some sort of wise old girl, it's just that by letting go of the business of business and living, and accepting the change of routine (especially not having to think about shopping for and preparing food!) it made sense to simply enjoy the break with all that it offered us.

I came home with a feeling of thankfulness, a sense that I had just experienced a long relaxation tape and I was now returning to this real world for another year. I also realised that my life is a bit like a pond...if I throw a pebble the ripples go out (but you know what I mean).

This year I want me to be the main thrower of pebbles (and the occasional stone, rock or boulder). And if others want to throw their own pebbles into my pond without my permission I will not be responsible for the consequences of their ripples. However, with my permission, others' pebbles and mine will make the most beautiful rippled patterns ever.