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Pelicans and their beaks

Inspiration, ReflectionOne Colour

Picture a late afternoon by the Manning with a beautiful graded sky from pale blue high up to deepening orange to the west. On dusk I watched a pelican quietly glide past me. This intriguing bird was fishing for dinner, I suspect. Taking no notice of me, it peered intently at the water for any movements. Every now and then it would sink its beak into the water, not straight down but sideways, to gather whatever it was it saw.

I realised, for the first time, that pelican beaks are as long as their necks. I don't know why this had never occurred to me before, but it hadn't, and I gazed in wonder at this quirk of nature, one that gave rise to a creature with such a long beak.

And I thought how wonderfully graceful pelicans are in the water and the air. I wanted the pelican to take off so I can see it in flight, but no, fishing came first.


Pelican at Manning River July 2014.jpg