One Colour

Eagles, Magpies and power gliding

One Colour

Wings lifted in a victorious flight, gliding straight for the trees - a magpie has chased off a wedge-tailed eagle.

Yes, the magpie harried the eagle, darting and jabbing, urging it to move away from whatever it didn't want the eagle near (maybe a nest). How did a smaller bird dare to challenge another 5 times its size? But it did and I saw it.

The real air punch moment for me was watching the super power glide executed by the magpie as it flew back to the stand of trees.

Again, no pics of this moment but imagine the scene:  a magpie turning its back on one of the truly majestic yet deadly creatures of the natural world.

I couldn't help thinking that if something is that important then it's also worth the effort. And there's always the power glide.